2007 ~ Thank you, friend!
1993 Cartoon Abstract
1993 Blue Mesh
1993 Modern Abstract
2001 Betty Blue Bell
This Ziplight was named "Betty Blue Bell" for Betty Philips, who was administrative secretary to Pat Grandy at the time the Ziplight was introduced. Betty retired and then went back to work at Zippo part time. Sadly, Betty lost her 15-year battle with cancer in July 2009. Betty Blue Bell was not available for purchase; it was given out to special people and to guests visiting Zippo.
Dana had made this special case for the State Quarters series back when the first volume was released in 1999. The case is full now.
Our first Contempos!
Model 1414
Model 714
Model 713
Model 716
Model 711
Model 1415
Model 715
Model 1402