My 2002 Christmas present from Dana.  My flames are diamonds ;-)
Santa brought Dana a Zippo fuel station, and Dana got busy and made this neat wall mount for it.
Bas takes his Zippo with him everywhere!
Brian made this Zippo shelf.
In 2002, we had our first "Zippo" Christmas tree decorated with around 80 Zippos.
Lorena makes a special Italian hot bread "tigella," but she's improved the recipe and came up with Zippella!
Zippo "Handy Ashtray"
Zippo Ashtrays which look and feel like Zippos - including the hinge.  Really really kewl beans - Thank you Zippo Station!
Mike Grimaldi made this wall mount out of mahogany. Beautiful huh!
Wow, Zippo Club Italia's weekend really rocked.  Check out what has to be the world's largest Zippo!