My Zippo sweater from the SLLC auction ;-)
My collection of Zippo keyrings
We won this framed picture of the cover of Zippo Manufacturing Company (Images of America Series), written by Linda L. Meabon with foreword by George B. Duke, along with the first book coming off the production line, at the OTLS convention in New Orleans. We are soooo pleased to have it!!  Wouldn't a Zippo lighter featuring this picture be totally kewl beans?!  Read more
A neato paperweight
Betty Linton, Peggy Shiels, Linda Meabon
Woweeee! Check out this quilt!!! In August 2003, Harvey & Betty Linton attended the 100th Anni Harley rally in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. To their de-light, if one purchased a Zippo, one could receive a neato Zippo bandana. Betty immediately thought of making a quilt for Peggy. Back home they went... They rounded up family, friends and neighbors, and went back to the rally whereby everyone bought a Zippo and promptly handed over their free bandanas to Betty!!! The idea for this quilt is quite unique, but the craftsmanship is outstanding.  Way to go Betty, and Peggy - you are one lucky dawg!!!
Piotr made his own Zippo shirt!!! Really nice and what dedication, eh?!
This Christmas card from Roger & Eileen is unbelievably unique and oh so special!
In 2003, Santa Dana brought me a gold Zippo pendant with a diamond flame, which matches my earrings he brought me last year ;-)
In 2003, our Zippos were hung by their chimneys with care!
Nothin' like waking up to a Zippo!