My new license plate for my car!
His 'n Her MPL's - kewl Christmas gift from my brother Jeff & wife Kathy ;-)
Dana made this Zippo "bank" out of oak in 2004. The chimney is hollow. By lifting out the flame, coins are dropped down through the chimney into the bank.
The hinge also works. By removing the flame, turning it upside down and placing it back in the chimney, the lid closes!!!!
Now we have a place to put those pennies never spent on repairing a Zippo ;-)
Gerhard had Fritz do a Zippo by Mazzi tattoo on Gerhard's arm. I'd say Gerhard LOVES Mazzis!  Five hours of pain ;-( The tattoo is fashioned after the 2003 Zippo Club Italia lighter
Front of the coaster
Back of the coaster
A great dual advertiser for Zippo and Zippo UK- Thank you Marie!!
Thanks Andy!
Japanese issue ashtray - Thanks Hiroshi!
My Dad embroidery punched this totebag and wall-hanging for us for Christmas 2004. Thanks Dad!!!!
Merry Christmas Andy!
find the Zippo...
Thanks JJ
Thanks JJ!
Our Xmas tree was decorated with a few hundred stained-glass Zippo flames made by Cameron!